Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Zen of Blogging Trends and Writing

I say we meditate on this graph which I got from swissmiss:

According to Google Trends, blog as a trend has been slowing down, while blogging never really had much velocity. What it means to me is people who established their blogs has established their blogs. Many stopped because they were bored or maybe they have nothing to write about or maybe they have said what they have to say. maybe they realized that they can not make money from blogging and so moved on to other things. Those who remained are those who have stories to tell and have a strong need to connect to other people. These are the writers who don't care if they are read as long as they can write. That means us. We are the flat red line. This is not the flat line which means that the World Wide Web is dead. This is the horizon of infinite possibilities.
Then we meditate on this next graph:

Chris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon University created this Internet map. It shows the Internet usage for a period of time. It looks like a spider web on a leaf. The densest, of course, is the Europe - North America link. Philippines is hardly visible and so are China and Japan. Harrison goes on to say that this doesn't show that there are fewer Internet users in these areas. It's just that they're sharing lines.
"It is important to note that this only reflects density of connections, and not usage - hundreds of people may utilize a single connection in an internet cafe, often the only form of connectivity people have access to in developing nations," Harrison wrote.
What does this mean? If this is an actual web, the bug would fly on what he thought would be the safest and weakest part of the web. Little would it know that this is also the strongest. Millions of web-users in Asia and Africa holding on to single strands, seemingly invisible.

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Blogger santi said...

hot. wish i had much more time on the net to find out stuff about the net.

8:15 PM  
Blogger frank said...

you can't surf them all

7:26 PM  

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