Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Being a "socialized" eventologist who ends up poorer than I started with each new event, another masochistic venture today and tomorrow. The Stand Up Against Poverty event in Baguio. It already started kanina when the Vocas Artists starring Chang Mai-bound Kigao Rosimo, Shunt Verdun, Rene Aquitania and the rest performed their poverty installation at the pavement beside Skyworld. The pedestrian traffic was blocked by this radiating chalk sun while Rene and Alan Manalastas came out with their Taong Grasa performance anew. Of course, the people had no choice but to watch and the City Demolition Team were waiting and waiting and making kalabit to me and EV Espiritu on when do we stop this traffic hazard. Well, EV and Kigao were bent on making the demolition squad fuming so they would demolish the art installation of colorful wire ghosts. I am so nervous because my name was in the permit even as I was still shuttling back and forth City Hall to get that permit. Well, all went well as they say. We dismantled our own thing. The one who was tasked to make people sign the Anti-Poverty said that 2/3 don't want to sign. Hmm. Tomorrow is a more challenging one. A free concert by a country western band right smack at the Hangar Market where the vegetable trucks dump their wares and carrots are being washed on the puddles. This is in conjunction with the comboys (porters) as we set our stage on their karitons. Punks from Malabon would also be having a gig there. Pretty tough ha?

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Blogger marionne said...


Gudla Gud luck adi!

6:23 PM  
Blogger padma said...

Oh man! I missed day one :o(

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Chi from the Cool Clouds said...

Saw you on TV, but your name was not even mentioned, ano bang TV reportage yan, ha!

4:27 AM  

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