Friday, October 05, 2007

Selection from the Circus

Hey, about 80,000 now signed the petition against Desperate Housewives. What I did was made a Russian Roulette and clicked on any bunch of numbers and picked the more interesting comments. Most did not comment. Most of those who commented either used the words "ban," "stupid," "boycott," "careless," "racist," "stupid" and "I am a nurse/doctor..." or "My parents are nurses/doctor..."
But these are the ones that caught my clicker:

you know what? wrong grammar in english will not make you less a man,,so for florante at laura,,shut your mouth,,what's more important is the freedom of one's self,,we are mocked so what do you expect? of course an outrage,,don't you understand that it is not our native tongue, so you can't really expect all of us to speak english eloquently, my God filipino ka pa naman,hinahamak mo ang kapwa mo, so what if they can't construct a sentence correctly, does it make them less a man? filipinos deserve respect, as far as i know we are one of the most hospitable country so why degrade our education if we are superior in values? just because we are much influenced by america and bow down to the almighty dollar doesn't mean we aren't in the position to complain THAT PART is NOT EVEN FUNNy 100\% so why DiD They have to say that. AMERICANS are feeling too high off their feet. Remember, THERE ARE MANY ENEMIES LURKING. Do not wait for unexpected JOINING of hands to happen... I don't really care much about what goes on on TV, I don't even watch this programme... Perhaps the ignorant woman was right and she obviously has not been to the Philippines as I would like to think that the very best of Filipino doctors still work in the PHILIPPINES, not in the US of A. I can be pompous too. REMIND HER, THAT HER AMERICAN DOCTOR WAS SENT TO AFGANISTAN AND IRAQ!the apollogy of ABC network isn't enough, Hatcher should also make her public apology to the Filipinos because i know that she has the option whether to accept or reject the script. has anybody seen the "the daily show" segment "is america ready for a women president"? they insulted Ms. Cory Aquino. Please edit the pettition. Some typo errors. It is upsetting to be stereotyped but we are still foreigners. However, the real Americans are the American Indians. We Filipinos banded together can make a big difference in American politics. We can use this advantage.As a Filipino-American, I am disappointed at how angry my fellow pinoys are. It's just an ignorant line from a stupid show. When it comes to the point where the Philippine government asks for an apology, it's gone too far. I mean doesn't the government back home have more pressing matters to address? Like the rampant poverty and government corruption? Or does the Philippine government just settle for becoming the pinoy equivalent of the NAACP? Is that what we really want for our people? The producers of the show already apologized, and some people are saying it isn't enough? What the heck do they want??? Just leave this situation be before we embarrass ourselves and our home country.To Paul M. 66900: Then, what the hell are you signing this petition for? You must be plain stupid. Who told you to come to the philippines anyway? People like you should just shut up than make such comments and erase all doubts that you are in fact an ignoramus!!!!!I Recommend also to BAND that show in the Philippines Lahat ng Cast ng Desperate Housewives Makakantot lahat kayo ng pinoy!!Yes i love there show in 23, but they need to apologized and respects us.Filipino Doctors are Philippine Intellectual Propertiesfrom now on I will no longer watch that movie!!! Y.O.Y. ratings decline. Pathetic attempt to stoke up interest. Not biting. I have never seen that show and I never will. I'd rather watch C-SPAN's showing of Al Gore's new movie about golf - "An Inconvenient Putt".low blow Marc Cherrrrrryyyyyyy.... magkatropa pala tayo!!!! bading ka rin pala!!! eto lang ang masasabi ko sayo.... BABANGON AKO AT DUDURUGIN KITA!!!! R.E.S.P.E.C.T...???let us be heard and stop watching Desperate housewife defenately offensive & reflect bad on any filipino medical practitioner such as myself.REALITY CHECK - (1) Blaming Teri Hatcher, an over-the-hill actress who is a no-talent, for this comment is stupid when she only recited lines and didn't write the episode or the joke in question. (2) Getting all worked up over this dumb show makes you guys look even dumber. (3) All the show did was make a joke about Phillipino medical schools, which are, in fact, inferior to American medical schools. (4) You need to calm down and gain some perspective over this trivial issue. And (5) You guys look ridiculous making statements like "proud to be Philipino" or "sue ABC" or whining about how hurt you are over some stupid line or other nonsense like that.My desperate wife will now watch Sunday Night Football with me instead!!!I work in a call center so you'd know how ignorant whites are ...well, if not all... MOST...apology not only to the filipino americans but for all filipinos. half or full blooded Hell has no fury than Filipinos scorned! writer's pic at: www.philippinepressclub.comused to work in a call center specifically US credit card and almost everyday I received insults and degrading remarks from these white monkeys specially when they are aware that you are a Filipino.I swear to the Lord that I still can't see why DEMOCRACY means everybody but me. -- Langston HughesunhumanShe better not show up at my clinic, or else))))really..come on..timbuktu is a real place..they filled a blank..HOY ELMER, ASA NAKA? AKO KINI SI TERI HATCHER!!!!!This "Superman," which infuses its action with poetry, soars as a love story filled with epic yearnings, thwarted desires and breathtaking imagery: Lois, spied on with her lover's X-ray vision, ascending in a skyscraper's elevator; Superman, zapped with kryptonite, descending silently and helplessly through space. (If Jean Cocteau had directed $200 million action movies, they might have looked a little like this.) Next to Singer's champagne, most recent superhero adventure movies are barely sparkling cider.LETS BOYCOTT DISNEY PRODUCTS AND STOP WATCHING DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.... WHAT AN INSULTING LINE Why not boycott Disney amusement parks Humor must be done with taste Don't call this a leftist act. Marc Cherry, the writer/producer is a conservative Republican!!! YYou dumb Flips are making the rest of us Asians look bad. You don't see Koreans or Japanese or Chinese or Indians or Vietnamese or any other Southeast Asian behaving like wussy whiners. Stop this stupid petition, and stop your incessant whining. You feminine Filipino men especially have got to stop acting like the women you sell off to slavery. ATTENTION FILIPINOS - SHUT UP! YOU SOUND LIKE PANSIES AND CRYBABIES! WAAAAAH!!!! WAAAAH! I’M HURT! WAAAAAH!!!! I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!! please do more research. Next time pick a non-english -speaking country You owe us an apology! as my alma matter says, Im a Bedan, need i say more? i can also and proud to say that Im a Filipino, need i say more?teri hatcher pwede naman i refuse yung script eh tinuloy pa rin please don't be ignorant. filipinos are generally more educated than the average american. we strive to go to school and finish a college degree. americans go to high school and become nurses who pretend to know it all. fact is, you will NEVER know everything in 4 years of nursing school. how much more the 10 months practical nursing course? please just be blondes. not dumb. peace!How dare you EVA LONGORIA! Were not sensitive. We are just angry because we are discriminated! a filipino doctor saved my life. filipino docs are more caring and compassionate, our family loves you flips rule Check out for awesome filipino babes!filipinos are tht best care givers in the world Fight The Power! DESPERATE SHOW FOR DESPERATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! Come on fellow filipinos! Make up more names!!!WTF are they talking about!!!! Pinoys are the BEST in the West!!!!the producers and actress really know what to do with the show when it comes to doubt about it....just utter one word.."Philippines" and ...woot! there goes the ratings...
The one who wrote "Flips are making the rest of us..." surfaced maybe a dozen times and so did "Hoy, Elmer..." and that pathetic guy who wants you to see his face at But all in all, it was a mob. You feel the heat, the indignation and you feel the hate. I feel sad for Teri because she, too, was sexually molested by an uncle. I don't think she needs to bear the burden although at her stature, she could have refused. So now, we have this circus.

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Blogger The Nashman said...

you must have so much time on your hands to waste it on this folly :D

11:50 PM  
Anonymous volume-addict said...

Someone needed to see a shrink. It's awesome entertainment from someone seemingly going through a meltdown.

12:12 AM  
Anonymous volume-addict said...

I'm reading it's really hilarious! It almost feels like being at a downtown bus stop overhearing a homeless dude rant. Classic!

12:19 AM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

It's so Pinoy. Yah, so much time. I was supposed to go to Sagada but so many slides. I cancelled all my activities so I have too much time in my hands.

12:38 PM  

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