Saturday, October 20, 2007

Elvis Sighting at the Glorietta Bombing

From GMA 7's actual list of injured during the Glorietta Bombing:

(Makati Medical Center, 3 in ICU, 1 in operating room)
Arayon, Maria Isabel (discharged)
Arroyo, Melanie (discharged)
Balendrez, Jerick (discharged)
Bolano, Shirley (discharged)
Burcer, Jeffrey (discharged)
Calope, Christine (discharged)
De Asis, Jennie (discharged)
De la Cruz, Christopher (discharged)
De Leon, Evangeline (discharged)
Dela Cruz, Teresita (discharged)
Enriquez, Carmen (discharged)
Estiller, John Kenneth (discharged)
Estiller, Ma. Generosa (discharged)
Gannaban, Rolando (discharged)
Gonzalez, Alberto III (discharged)
Honopre, Sally (discharged)
Layo, Irene (discharged)
Liwanag, Gerard Florence (discharged)
Monteniz, Grace (discharged)
Orna, Lodevina (discharged)
Pableo, Lailani T. (discharged)
Pamplina, Red (discharged)
Pasamba, Mylene (discharged)
Pascual, John Henry (discharged)
Peregrino, Airish Lou (discharged)
Peregrino, June Lester (discharged)
Pineda, Christopher (discharged)
Punsal, Ailene (discharged)
Racelia, Ma. Cecilia (discharged)
Raymaro, Mary Grace (discharged)
Regachuelo, Gina (discharged)
Reyes, Fely (discharged)
Sampiano, Erwin (discharged)
Santos, Donald (discharged)
Santos, Lady Christine (discharged)
Sapitan, Annabelle (discharged)
Soriano, Angela Marie (discharged)
Talingting, Silvestre (discharged)
Villareal, Ana Patricia (discharged)
Yap, Shiela Marie (discharged)
Tingson, Sheila Mae (forwarded to operating room)
CaƱada, Yvonne (from Acute Care Center)
Dunca, Cristina (from Acute Care Center)
Yvonne Kim (from Acute Care Center)
Kim, Haewoon (Rm. 421)
Romasanta, Mia Therese (Rm. 919)
Romasanta, Stephanie (Rm. 919)
Romasanta. Rafael Antonio (Rm. 919)
Marcelo, Maricel (ICU-6)
Escoto, Bodie (ICU-7)
Robinson, Orlanda (ICU-8)
Bajar, Cesaria
Dela Cruz, Sarah Jane
Gallien, Marilou
Garcia, Mabini Jr.
Garcia, May Flor
Magdale, Custodio Jr.
Mappala, Rosalino
Molet, Ma. Corazon
Montenegro, Melvin
Montenegro, Regina
Ong, Roman
Ortiz, Athea Rose
Ramilo, Agnes
Reynaro, Mary Grace
Rodriguez, Wilson
Santos, Josephine
Torres, Irene

But seriously, I Googled the names of the casualties, and Janine Marcos and Rainier Tan have Friendster accountss. Rainier (if he is this) is from Sariaya and a CEU graduate. He was sure to get the job as an ad man. Rainier sounds to be full of hope and confidence. We hope he is not the one as much as we hope no one would die for all these political maneuverings aka terroristic acts. Janine loves anime and started Friendstering only last June. She still has no friends.

Update: It was an older Rainier who died.

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