Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Attack of the Canadian Soldiers

You get the squirms watching Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain's nape. Little bugs, some said they are Canadian soldiers, were bugging the relief pitcher and it clearly bugged him. An umpire sprayed Off on Joba's uniform and cap but apparently forgot to spray his neck. So Joba made some wild pitches which allowed Gary Sizemore of the Indians to steal home. So what are these bugs. They came late in the game and disappeared. They were all over the Yankees, the way they reacted especially Jeter. wrote: "According to the Associated Press, in a game taking place against the Angels at Jacobs Field in September 2004, play was stopped several times after players complained of swallowing the bugs while running the bases. The situation played out very similar on Friday, with the bugs ending up in players' mouths, eyes, noses ..." Hmmm
Late breaker: the bugs are midges. AP said that it was God's wrath that did it to the Yanks. And here's a photo that was accidentally clever. It was supposed to be Go Tribes with red and silver alternating. But the silver spells "O RBI." That's for A-Rod, I now guess. The Yankee's 4-5-6 were pitiful with A-Rod again known as "O No/ O-Rod/ O for October" as one Cleveland placard had it.



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