Monday, September 10, 2007

Toronto Star's New Words for the Week

ERRORIST, n.: someone who repeatedly says things he believes are true but anyone with common sense can see are not. Example: "George Bush is talking on TV. He is such an errorist." (

SNOOZIASM, n.: a strong inclination to nap. Example: "I hardly slept at all last night, so my snooziasm is at an all-time high." (From Liam Shonk, Kitchener)

SESQUILINGUAL, adj.: knowing one language and a little bit of another. Example: "My friend is sesquilingual. She's fluent in English and speaks a little French." (From Michael Katz and Barb Etlin, Toronto)

BROMANCE, n.: brotherly love between two unrelated men. (

CHIPFAULT, n.: "the stress point on a potato chip where it breaks off and stays behind in the dip." (

ALBUM FACE, n.: "that petulant, in-your-face face that male band members like to adopt for album covers. Example: My grandson's going through a rebellious stage. Whenever he comes over, he sits in a corner wearing an album face." (



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