Friday, September 21, 2007

OJ in Anagram

A Chronological Story of "Orenthal James Simpson" in Anagrams

OJ, He Seminal Sportsman
Host OJ, Primal Meanness
Mr. OJ, Meanness, Hospital
OJ, Immense Sharp Talons
Heisman Plot, Snare Ms. OJ
Moonlit James Sharpens
"Immense Harlot!" OJ Snaps
OJ Slashes Prominent Ma
Heisman Person Jolts Ma
Inept OJ Slashes Mom, Ran
She Enjoin Mortal Spasm
Ms. OJ's Ron, Lame Thespian
I'm OJ, Slashes Neat Ron, PM
Hapless Ron Join Tame Ms.
Patrolmen Hiss OJ's Name
Jam, Solemn Shapiro Sent
Ashen Patrolmen Miss OJ
Jam, Solemn Shapiro Sent
Ashen Patrolmen Miss OJ
Shapiro Menses Jolt Man
OJ's Solemn, Marsha Inept
Ron Set OJ, Heisman Plasm
OJ, Him Last Manson Spree
OJ, Less Mama, Then Prison
Orenthal James Simpson

This is from Internet Anagram Server. I humbly give my suggestion after OJ's latest heist

Jinn Steals Hammer. Oops.
Heist Planner Jams. Moos.

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