Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Fellow Baguio blogger Nashman (ngem adda London) is starting a campaign to include the famous Filipino word "kanthought" in the OED. Not as dirty as you think, it comes from Immanuel Kant and thought. It was the great Kant who thought that we process perceptions otherwise all the things we sense just flow past us like water. Now, I'm lost in my Kantian thoughts because there was this woman who passed by. Hmm nice. What was I saying? Kant thoughts. Hmmm. Sex. Kant is a very unsexy person (he thinks that masturbation is worse that suicide) but it was him who thought that the test of morality for any form of conduct is whether it could be universalized. We seem to philosophize about our thoughts of sex all the time. That's universal. So kanthoughts should be in the OED.

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Blogger The Nashman said...

For inclusion into the OED we need some minimums:

1. get it into common usage (maybe you publish a poem addi.) or get someone famous to utter it...(bill clinton perhaps? or the maybe the pope??

2. and get a bit of the etymology right. I don't know who started using it but I heard it among the sunog baga, tagay-ginebra kanto boys I guess the artek was a closet philosopher? i likes it!

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