Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Irony of our Pinoy Times Part I

Sept. 4, 1998. Please don't forget that when you encounter these messages (no editing):

Date: Sep 14, 2005
By: jefferson
Subject: mapeh
hi willy kamosta kana ang galing naman ng iyong boses ay parang artistaparang christian bautista
walang nakakaiba ikaw parin ang magaling sa buong mopndo.

Date: Oct 19, 2005
Subject: bawal na gamot
will you please send me, bawal na gamot lyrics i want to practice that song wholeheartedly. thank you, mar.

And many more. Of course, you would be wholeheartedly exasperated like duds here who wrote much earlier in this forum:

Date: Feb 07, 2005
By: duds
Subject: patay na po si willy garte
baket kayo helo ng helo kay willy garte e matagal na po syang namatay noh.. mga 1998 pa po siguro, kasabay nya na namatay na rin na si ric segreto of kahit konting pagtingin noh

So you see (joke)? Willy Garte who composed and sang "Bawal Na Gamot" may not be a Stevie Wonder (as in we should never mention "Willy Garte" and "Stevie Wonder" or "Ray Charles" in one sentence ever again. Maybe we can mention "Richard Gomez" and "Willy Garte" because they are against drugs). "Bawal na Gamot" is totally devoid of irony and poetry in the metaphorical sense, it is pure diatribe against drugs. Willy became blind when he was five because of measles. He sang on the streets and came out with this jukebox hit, which incidentally is a favorite of a neighborhood adik in Sampaloc I once talked to. The song made the rounds and he was signed by Universal. I think Willy made a little money and then BNG went out of the radar. Willy kept on singing in bars that kept getting smaller (Sorry, no Jolibee Birthday parties would invite him then) but his wife was always on his side (Grabe na toh! This is from Ariel Rivera's rendition in Maalaala Mo Kaya). But "always on his side" was just an idiom ha because on Sept. 4, 1998, as duds partly recalled, Willy Garte was run over by a bus driven by a shabu-addled driver. Yes, the irony has come full circle.

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