Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stealing Beauty: The 3rd Martin Masadao Poll

Heeeeeeeeere's Mahtin:

Hey All! :-)

Last Thursday dearest Susan Tagle sent me a txt message which read:

"If today is WORLD STEALING DAY, what would you steal from me? Reply is a must! Send this to others. You'll get surprising answers...:-)"

And so, I did... here are those that bothered to text back. In their original text message including emoticons. Those in parentheses are my asides. Enjoy! :-)

Benjie Franzuela: Straightforwardness and panache! Uy :-)
Frank Cimatu: Ur secret recipes of afro disiacs (meron ako nun?)
Felina Adefuin : I would steal your wit (wit wat will u steal it wit? hehe)
Becca Padilla: Oh Dear! I wil definitely steal dt shirt u were wearing d first tym i met u at aureaus haus! Hahaha! (I don't remember what I was wearing then... hmmm. ukay yun am sure)
Eew-Eew: ur...being friendly part! :-) Charng...hahaha... (I have friendly parts? Do tell me which they are, and which parts are unfriendly)
Grace Murillo: Why would I steal, mahihingi ko naman. (Tama ka dyan, sister!)
Raymond Oribio: D nude painting felina gave u! (sorry, that was my sis' xmas gift to me)
Jordan Jorda: Girlfriends? You have lots right? (yes I do, but, sorry, they like girlfriends too!)
Nina Ledesma: Your little black book. Hmmm... kapakipakinabang pa ba? (I dont have a little black book. Never did. I have a little black dress I wore once last Gay Pride, might fit you)
Grace Subido: I wd steal ur libido. Think comparative lit has rendrd me 2 cerebral! I'm 4getting my gonads! (I'd share my libido girl, but you'd probably grow facial hair. it's all hormonal you know!)
Ice: Il steal ur brain. para lalo ako tumalino...ehehe.corny! (Corny nga!)
Padma Perez: One of your exquisite leather bags from wagwag. I know you've got a Bree stashed away somewhere!!! What would you steal from me? (Re: the bag, you have to contact Felina for that -- she's got a whole room of leather bags, she could start her own specialty ukay shop. I would steal you air miles, sweetie! :-) hahaha)
Oca Campomanes: Ur mahika blanca, ur umph & sense of style, ur french langue fluency! Opps kapatid, was dat 2 greedy? hehe :-) (wat d first one? Huh?!)
RR Rovillos: I'll steal your wit, brilliance and humur honey (You might as well steal my knack for spelling too)
Reji Regalado: everything... everything you'd steal from me. hahaha (Solian ng gamit?!)
Murphy Red: your future (that really creeped me out, man!)
Nadine Navarro: Your wit! (walang originality)
Sam Lee: sis, alam ko na itong joke, hehe di ako magnanakaw lalo sa mga friends ko, and ur my friend, hehe (walang sense of humor/irony)
Lee Meily: Your coolness! Yahaha! (Miss Lee, my coolness is actually laidback-ness in disguise.:-) hehehe)
Nina Tesoro Poblador: Depends on who you are. Your no not registering. Who is this PLS :-) (Puhleeze, nagkita lang tayo sa CCP last week at pina misscall mo ako sa phone mo tapos sabi mo, "ayan I saved it na!" -- echosera kang bakla ka! :-)
Elmar Ingles: Hmm, your boys perhaps. Especially the ones willing to be stolen, Hihihi. (Elmar, re: the boys... I stole them too!!! Hahahaha)
Willy Alangui: Ur beauty:-) (Willy, sa lahat ng mga taong na-meet ko sa buong buhay ko, ikaw lang ang nagsabing may 'beauty' akoh! Salamat kapatid, and for that, nope, you're not stealing my 'beauty')
John Abul: Your two big rings=) (Okay, in exchange for your beautiful table in your shop)


My answer to Susan Tagle: Your Husband!!!


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