Monday, July 30, 2007

I Lived on The Moon

Yeah, I lived on the moon with three funny multi-tailed monkeys, flying snakes and fireflies. It's all F's. Open your imagination, child, and you see the entrance to this private paradise. While I'm gone, you ride on a bulb that shoot up to the moon with roots for spindly legs. Fly by yourself then on a manta ray. The evil gnomes will not get you and they die as you go on with your dreams.
Hay naku, here's the YouTube:

I placed the lyrics in the Comments page

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Blogger frank cimatu said...

Dear little dad,
Here is the story of my life
I lived on the moon
I lived on the moon

Grey flying snakes along
The mountains of destiny while
The three tailed monkeys
Where drawing the stars

Light from the sun
And I hide myself
on the dark side

I’ve run so far
To find my way
Then I dreamed again

Dear little boy, listen
To the voices of your soul
It showed you the way
Of silence and peace

Follow your thoughts and fly
Choosing all the things you desire
Giant waves, fireflies…

Your dreams will be your only shell
Your secrets,
your hiding place,
my son…

Don’t let them try
to crush your brain
Let you go far…
my son.

1:45 PM  

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