Monday, July 16, 2007


Seventeen years ago, Baguio was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.7. Everybody thought it was the end for the city. The people are indeed resilient but the buildings were not. Every July 16, employees of Hyatt Terraces visit their 50 or so friends who perished here. Sometimes, they were not permitted inside so they stick candles and flowers by the gate. This day, they held their reunion, which they often did in December. Some came from the Hyatt branches in Aruba and Saipan. Some stuck it out here. Some did not work anymore. For 17 years, this lot is for sale but there were no takers.



Anonymous volume-addict said...

All I could remember was that it could've been worse that day if school was in session at SLU. The Human Sciences building alone didn't have any viable escape routes apart from the main stairwells at the ends of the buildings. Lots of the students would've been trampled in a stampede. I could've been caught in that stampede at school.

I'll have to thank the NUSP for staging a student strike that day.

We will always remember.

5:29 AM  

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