Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What Ada Did During Her Summer Vacation

So she won't have problems during her opening essay, maybe I remind her what she did. She campaigned for Angara and earned P600 for it. She went with her new friends Yanna and Baboo to the market on the last day of campaigning. Unfortunately, she ate something bad in Rose Bowl and so was able to go to Sagada. She had singing lessons and then painted with Norman Chow. She also had pop singing lessons and made a homage to Dreamgirls. She watched more than 20 movies including Borat which she regretted. She played Sims, Sim4 and Counterstrike. She went ukaying a lot. She maintained her leadership role among the young girls in the neighborhood. She learned to clean the yard and end up dirtying the house. She stayed late. She read. She cried but mostly laughed. It was a fun summer. She gained an inch in height. In all the hoopla for empowerment and gender politics, Ada has regained her innocence.



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