Saturday, June 16, 2007

Royal Macaroni

What I learned from reading a chapter about the royalty in “A Macabre Miscellany”
1) King John was buried between two Saxon monks. He, too, was wearing a monk hood. King John believed that he can fool the Lord come Judgment Day.
2) Katherine Howard, wife of Henry VIII, was so conscious of her appearance in public that, informed that she would be beheaded the next day, practiced kneeling on a block of wood and sticking her neck.
3) Charles II was dying and to save him, his doctors gave him the craziest non-medicines I ever heard. He was given an emetic of orange infusion in white wine and white vitriol in peony water, hiera picra, white herbivore roots, powdered cowslip flower, sal ammoniac in milk water, spirit of human skull, Peruvian bark and pearl julep. That was just for the emetic of bloodletting. His head was shaved and cephalic plasters, spurge and Burgundy pitch were applied on his soles. Despite these highfaluting potion, Charles II died of chronic Bright’s disease.
4) George III, you know him as the Mad King, talked to an oak tree, thinking it was the King of Prussia.
5) The consort of William the Conqueror is Matilda, who was only 4-ft and 2ins tall. Edward the Confessor, the King of England was an albino
6) Henry VIII, Edward VI, James II, William IV, Mary I, Mary II and Anne all contracted sexual diseases.
7) In past centuries, when the King of Thailand (Siam), mercury was poured on the throat. The body in a sitting position and pierced so that the mercury and whatever fluid was “magnetized” with it was gathered in a golden vase at the base of the chair. This was poured out of the river. Now we know the ancient reason of the pollution of the Chao Phrya.
8) When Henry IV died in 1413, his body was transported on sea bound for the Canterbury Cathedral. Unfortunately, a storm erupted and it was blamed on the body by the superstitious sailors so the royal cargo was tossed to the sea and another, probably a sailor, was replaced in its stead. It was only 400 years later that the deed was discovered when the coffin was finally opened and "Henry" was wearing ordinary clothes.
9) Louis Quatorze ordained that anyone who uttered seven blasphemies should have his tongue taken out. Some of my friends would not last a minute in his time but then their curses are not French.
10) In the olden times, touching a member of the royalty would cure you of diseases. It’s called “touching for the king’s evil.” Charles II, for example, touched 24,000 subjects during his first four years of reign.


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