Monday, June 18, 2007


What are the similarities between Oklahoma and the Philippines? I can only think of two. Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols met with World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef in the Philippines before he and Timothy McVeigh carried out their plot. Also, Oklahoma and Philippines have the same Gross Domestic Product at $98 billion. That puts us at 50th in the world and Oklahoma is 37th in the US. This map shows the countries with the same GDP as the states they are renamed. The richest state is California which has the same GDP as France followed by Texas which is represented here by Canada. South Korea has the same GDP as Florida followed by Mexico (Illinois), Russia (New Jersey)and Australia (Ohio). Brazil is New York at 7th. The poorest states are North Dakota (Ecuador), Alaska (Belarus), Vermont (Dominican Republic)and Wyoming (Uzbekistan).
Don't feel smug. Okies number only 3.57 million while we are 80 million strong. Their GDP means $27,500 per capita while ours go down to 1,225 dollars per person.


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