Saturday, June 09, 2007


You are applying for a job and at the bottom of your resume, you write your email address like paruparo69@whatever. That is fine if your are Rishab, the artist and arnis partner of Bencab (whose email add indeed starts with paruparo) but if you are applying for a government job, forget it. Get a more “formal” name. You say this is something your potential employer would gloss over but they won’t. ”People want to be creative, but that urge to be creative can be a hindrance if you’re looking for jobs,” said study author Kevin Tamanini, a doctoral candidate in industrial and organizational psychology at Ohio University. Studies have shown that gender, race, physical attractiveness and religion can impact evaluations of potential employees, said Tamanini. As a result, some applicants who possess the necessary abilities and applications are not being considered for jobs, he explained. E-mail addresses are another source of information that can turn subjective, he said. “A person has no control over gender, race or physical attractiveness, but can determine an e-mail name,” Tamanini said. Anyway, Tamanini rated quirky emails with more professional ones and guess which rated better for success, ethical caring, popular fun, degree of masculinity and degree of professionalism. This came to me because there were some political candidates who gave their “friendster” email adds in their pulyetos and I was laughing at them. They may be humorous but we have enough clowns in City Hall, don’t you agree?
I searched my contacts in my email and found that 75 of my friends have ridiculous email adds. I mean, andyatsaka? What are you thinking, Fernando Zapata Jr? Or the better question is: I know what you are thinking because of your email, but wouldn't it be better if you don't show that you are a sexual predator at least formally?


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