Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Know Your Computer Sex

The Philippines ranked ninth in the world in revenues from the pornography industry, according to a group which filters such things in the Internet. The Top Ten Reviews said that in 2006, the Philippines earned about US$1 billion from porn.
It did not say from what form of porn that is profitable in the Philippines but Internet is just a fourth of the chunk. And what a chunk it is.
According to the Top Ten Reviews, which rates computer software, the porn industry worldwide amounted to $97 billion last year. The big three are China, South Korea, Japan and United States which accounts for $86.4 billion in 2006.
China made about $27.4 billion followed by South Korea with $25.73B; Japan with $19.98B and US with $13.33B.
A far fifth is Australia with $2 billion; followed by United Kingdom with $1.97B and Italy with $1.4B. Canada, Philippines and Taiwan raked in $1 billion each, TTR said.
According to TTR, the pornography industry is larger than the revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink.
Every second, about $3,ooo is spent on pornography whether they are video sales and rentals, cable or in-room pay-per-view, Internet, mobile or phone sex, exotic dance clubs, magazines and tabloids or novelties, the TTR said. It also said that every second, more than 370 Internet users are typing adult search terms in search engines.
As it turned out, Filipinos are not yet Internet-savvy when it comes to surfing the Internet looking for porn last year. Countries like Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam have been typing words like "sex," "xxx" and "porn" in search engines, TTR said.
Philippines, despite the many versions of sex scandals, is also nowhere among the major sex video producers. But TTR, which supports internet filter software, said that child pornography figures are alarming. According to it, 100,000 of the 4.2 million sex websites are offering illegal child pornography.
It also said that about 90 percent of solicitations of youth made in chat rooms are sexual in nature and youths who received sexual soliticitations is one in seven.
Last year, the Philippine National Police said that the illegal child pornography industry raked in P1 billion last year, which is fourth in Asia next to Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar.
In the conference last year on child pornography sponsored by the United Nations Children's Fund, the PNP said that ther are about 50 to 70 cybersex dens in the country and majority of their victims are children 12 years old and below.


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