Thursday, June 28, 2007


I was surprised about this new Diesel ad because of the pink flowers above the model. Those are angel's trumpet. Kalumpunay more popularly known as angel's trumpet is an ubiquitous plant in the Cordillera. Only a few knew that it is a very powerful drug. The chemical active substances are scopolamine and hyoscyamine. The dried sheets and blooms are smoked or taken orally as tea. A half-hour after ingestion it comes to visions and illusions, which can change into hallucinations. These hallucinogenic effects can persist, depending upon dose, between 3 hours and 3 days. Overdosing can lead to symptoms of intoxication (swallowing difficulties, hoarseness, dryness of the mucous membranes, urine barrier, heart lawn) up to deaths by heartbeat disturbances and ventricular fibrillations. Three famous boys in Sagada ingested kalumpunay tea and were in coma for three days. One of them, a journalist, told me that he dreamt he was running oh so slowly throughout that time. Another was found on their roof. But these three are lucky because they came out well. I know some who didn't cross back.

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Anonymous crescent araw said...

giggle giggle giggle.OMG. It's the famous trumpet lily trio. I know all of them. One of them is planning to have a reunion concert. Tentative title of concert is "Magical Mystery Tour:Shaking hands with the beans." Cute no? I volunteered to be one of the producers of the concert (pwede rin back-up singer). I suggested to sell trumpet lily lozenges, trumpet lily tea, macaroons with poppy seeds, mary stoners magic muffins (for my friend Mary C.) and my favorite magic cookies (courtesy of Aklay the french baker, but Kulot says he can make them also). Time to recall Beatles and Jefferson Airplane songs. I will suggest Luchie M. to read her poem about trumpet lily and I will read my own about poppy flower naman.Yehey

4:31 PM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

uy, day may mga recipes ako niyan

5:16 PM  
Anonymous crescent araw said...

okay yun, pahingi. Email mo. don't forget the brownies

5:28 PM  
Anonymous volume-addict said...

OMG! When I went to Boys High, the guys in my class (2nd year science section) conspired to harvest the trumpet flowers along the Baguio Cathedral and the rectory nearby and get blasted. I don't think that ever materialized though. Thanks for the flashback!

1:03 AM  
Blogger Cyberpunk said...

i heard about kalumpunay from GMA shows several years ago...


3:23 AM  
Blogger The Nashman said...

why did you have to ruin an official cordillera secret?????

now everyone will try to steal my gloriously abundant kalumpay flowers in the back garden....

5:14 AM  

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