Thursday, May 31, 2007

Utah Jazz

So the Spurs won. Some gave the usual reasons. Fundamental basketball. O really. If you watched the last quarter of Game 4, you would know the reason: The Manu Flop. It tugs the heartstrings of the referees all the time. You go near me and I will act like you stabbed me in the heart. I Googled for images of Manu Flop and this is what I got:

I feel bad for the Jazz. They are not even jazz people. I think they bought the franchise of the New Orleans Jazz and did not bother to change it to Utah Desserts or something. Now, they will remain the Heartbreakers. Radyo in Baguio broadcasts live the NBA (I think they still do). And for their listeners, they broadcast it in Ilocano and Tagalog. There was a time when the Utah Jazz was exciting, when Stockton and Malone were The Duo. Well, you know the usual refrain when the two played. "Stockton to Malone" had become a wonderful cliche indeed. I was curious on how Bombo translated that. "Impasa ni Stockton kenni Malone" and "Stockton pinasa yung bola kenni Malone" were the usual phrases. But one time, one of the boradcasters shouted "Stockton to Malone." I thought he went from Ilocano to Tagalog to English. Well, since I am watching on TV as well, I was surprised because Stockton, instead of passing the ball to Malone for another assist, decided to make the lay-up himself.

Of course, Bombo Radyo meant "Stockton Tumalon."


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