Sunday, March 25, 2007


I used to know a girl who mouths “Putang ina!” every occasion she can muster. We got so used to her “p.i.” that it never bothered us anymore. One time, she and her boyfriend (whom we didn’t know was her b.f. until they fought in front of us) had a sulian-ng-kandila kind of fight. That’s when she blurted the most emphatic “Putang ina!” we ever heard. The boyfriend simply said, “That doesn’t bother me anymore.” We clapped. It was after all a group we formed for performance arts. But that is reality show. More on that Performance Art thing in later blogs including Willi P’s Angelic Atlas by the LRT performance.
So back to putang ina. I came upon an essay by Mario Teruggi called “Potentiation of a Spanish Insult” which I thought would be very helpful in understanding about what insult is to a macho country.
Hijo de puta” is the most common personal insult in Spanish and is contracted as hideputa in classic literature. Of course, there is also la puta que de pario or the whore that bore you.
“The English translation is very weak because there is no satisfactory equivalent of parir, since “to bear, to give birth, to foal, to calve” all lack the force and feeling of rudeness of the Spanish verb.
LPQDP has like PI lost its aggressiveness because of overuse. That’s why in Argentina, according to Teruggi, when they are really, really mad, the gauchos use ¡Hijo de puta y al puta que te pario! Or ¡La reputisima madre que te recontra mil pario!
Now the explanacion of the last insult. Putisima is the superlative of puta. Therefore, most whorish. Re- is a prefix used for repetition so la reputisima madre is twice the most whorish mother. Recontra means twice against and mil means a thousand. Therefore LRMQTRMP means “The twice most whorish mother that bore you again and again one thousand times.”
Teruggi even reduced it to an equation:
Insult = 2 X W squared mother … B (1+1) X (1000)
Or, the mother that bore you was twice 2000 times squared a whore.

“Of course, you could always say, ‘Your mother was a billion times a whore,” but it is in the multiplying, doubling and squaring that, in the long crescendo, fills the utterer’s mouth with a resounding and cathartic sonority,” Teruggi said.
Now you would say, why the bother?
Among the Malacanang press kasi, they know that when PGMA and FG start speaking in Spanish, you know they are fighting. There are a lot of things to fight and more so this time. And as PGMA said in her speech during the PMA graduation, SHE READ ME.
She used my story as her guide for her speech. Junjun Dumlao and Harley, don’t get the illusion you were the source. So FYI, when you hear LRMQTRMP from PGMA or FG, you know THEY DROPPED DA BOMB!


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Society of Theater Artists Guild Ensemble. pangalan pa lang panalo na. may society na, may guild pa, may ensemble pa. ayaw mo pa? mapilit lang yung acronym, oo. panalo talaga.

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