Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reports from the Dollhouse Part 1

Two weeks ago, I lectured on Journalism in CLSU. I was given 35 minutes to talk about Journalism in the Philippines. In that time, I talked about Mt. Everest and the ABSCBN and GMA7 connection, Rizal, the culture of impunity, gag rule, low pay and why they should go into journalism. Last week, I lectured to elementary students all over the country on feature story writing during the Secondary Press Conference. I told them about what I expect to see in their stories (I would be judging them later in the day) but more importantly, I told them to seize the day. None of them have been to Baguio (except for a Baguio girl). So I told them to enjoy their stay, make as many friends as possible and be happy. Outside, their advisers were biting their nails and asking me for handouts. I said they can copy my PowerPoint. They have no tongue drives. I said I will email them. The teachers have no email addresses. So much for Internet revolution. Last month, I talked to about 300 students all over Ilocos region about editorial writing. So now I was invited to Media Nation 4.1 which brings all the media movers and shakers. I fully expected that it would be in Subic, even texted an Olongapo-based friend that I would see him in the 40th day of his brother's death. And then on the eve of the summit, I opened my email and sure enough, Holiday Inn Clark. After a five-hour trip, I was there. They assigned us a seat number like they do in the pricier theaters. We had our welcoming dinner. I was in a row with Jessica Soho, Maria Ressa, Luchi Cruz-Valdez and Joey Aralilla, who would be having a blog on the event. They promised us wifi and it turned out PLDT was not there. I was seated beside Alex Magno, and his first greeting was: Hello, roommate. Uh oh. My friends in UP CONTEND will be killing me, was my first hunch.


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