Friday, February 02, 2007

A mulatto, an albino, a Filipino playing keno

One of the greatest embarassments of our childhood is singing aloud a misheard lyric. That happened to me with a Grease song and an Olivia Newton-John at that. The song most misheard, of course, is the Nirvana song mumbled by Kurt Cobain, Smells Like Teen Spirit. A website known as Archive of Misheard Lyrics had many contributions on SLTS.
JP on September 17, 2001, 6:39 pm was 15 when he discovered that his "Look what I've found! This is dangerous!" should be "With the lights out, it's less dangerous." Caroline was 12 and singing "Here we are now, and contained us" when it should be,
"Here we are now; entertain us."
Rowan Vanis was like most of us though when he sang that as "Here we are now, we're contagious."
But there was a line later which goes: "And it's stupid, and contagious" which was misheard by drug-free Gladys Potts as: I feed two pigs, with containers.
Lilly sang the whole stanza as: "With the salad its less dangerous/ Here we are now with potatoes/ With a mars bar, and potatoes/ And some salad and potatoes."
Mesa Called Gann sang, "And bananas,and potatoes" when it should be "A mulatto, an albino." "Actually it was my cousin. I was babysiting for him and one of his friends. To pass the time I listened to loud music while they beat up each other. After I went through all of my CDs my cousin asked "Why does that song go like 'and banannas and potatoes'?" At that point I corrected him," said Mesa.
The single phrase, "A denial" was misheard by Dave as "Pop your eye out." Yes, he was on drugs.
Scott Clair on October 2, 2001, 12:01 pm said, "I found out when my friend who had the album insistently thrust the lyrics into my face after a heated exchange. However, my interpretation makes more sense and is more interesting."
The correct lyrics are: A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido.
Clair sang, "A mulatto, an albino, a Filipino playing keno"
A Filipino playing bingo? Oo naman. i think that is the right answer.


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