Friday, February 02, 2007

Martin's Poll II

Last night, Martin M again polled us. Again, I thought it was a one-on-one thing and gave a very bo-o-o-ring reply. His text query was:
My sister Felina has been texting me the past days re: Baguio's nippy weather. Apparently they hit 9 degrees celsius a few days back. Kainggit!!! Anyway, I sent a random poll via text early this evening. It reads:

"It's rather chilly, shld I wear my cabled cashmere vest, merino wool sweater, or tweed coat? Hmmm..."

Here are some replies :-)

BENJIE FRANZUELA -- "Pashmina or chateuse, para mas maka attract ng wild life preservationists. Di ba :-)"

CHRIS MEDINA -- "Wear leather. 2nd skin." (short and sweet I must say)

FRANK CIMATU -- "Wear them all" (Frankie Dearie, I don't work in a call center noh?!)

FELINA -- "Agawid ka ketdin ittoy Baguio" (translation: we miss your cooking)

NONNET BENNETT -- "Yabang. Cashmere not warm enuf. Wool it." (wool is a verb now?! :-p )

EPI JORGE -- "Di suede pashmina kaya?" (Saan makakabili nun?!

CHARLEY STA. MARIA -- "Haha Taray ... I'd say ... tweed coat dahlin" (How very Brent School diba Charley?)

JOY MASADAO -- "Pay a visit 2 Baguio & u cld add d ol english trench"

NINA LEDESMA -- "You're in Baguio? Kainggit! Remember: chaka ang chaleko" (chaleko! Haha! havent heard that term since the 70s)

MELVIN LEE -- "Ang arte. Haha" (Mas maarte ka, Melvin :-p )

KATY PALASI -- "D Armani jacket pleeze! Hahaha!"

LIZA JALANDONI -- "Kainis" (stressed mother?)

BETSY MULLER -- "Dahlin what about your burberry all weather? :-)" (burberry's soooo greenhills tiangge)

ANTON PAMINTUAN -- "Go for the cashmere. Match ba sa pants?" (Cashmere pants?! Huh?!)

KOKOY PALMA -- "Gaga! Long johns lang ok na" (The longer the better, hahaha)

MARTA LOVINA -- "Dahling, you can never go wrong w sable"

JOHN ROBILLOS -- "Dahlin, gamitin mo yung ginawa nyo ni Felina sa baguio na gawa sa cannon yarn!"

PADMA PEREZ -- "Nothing says class like cashmere! Most people won't even know what it is when they touch it! hahahaha!"

JJ JOSEF -- "Buset! Magkumot ka! Hahaha!"

NADINE NAVARRO -- "Has to be mink. Pray you dont meet any PETA activists" (wala ng aktibista sa PETA. Well, the other PETA)

GARY GARCIA -- "Why not the old reliable mink dahling!"

GRACE SUBIDO -- "Hmmm. 2 pc string bikini is the only way to go! :-) Then whip out the mink to go over that."

And my Top 5 replies are:

No. 5: ANDI ESIMOS -- "Just don't wear the chinchilla opera coat! U never know w these activists!"

No. 4: SUSAN TAGLE -- "The Merino Wool! Ganda pakinggan eh!"

No. 3: JORDAN JORDA -- "Uminom ka ng bilog! Yes, the temp here is comfy" (nasa baguio ka na naman Jordan?!)

No. 2: CHARISSA REYES -- "Wishin you the warmth, happiness, & goodwill of the season & all the best that new year can bring...MERRY X'MAS!... wag na mag-comment, maginaw eh"

NO. 1: JAY LOZADA -- "Bakla ka talaga!" (hahahaha! takes one to know one, abuelita! :-p )

salamat sa global warming pwede mag-layering sa maynila. This afternoon at 4 pm, the neighborhood puto vendor was in a vintage varsity jacket. O diba?!

Cheers! abangan at sumali sa next text poll!

"Deep down inside I was glad it was cold. For while I was keeping you warm, I was secretly loving you" -- I forgot who wrote this poem/ditty. Si Joe Pintauro yata.

Mahrtahn :-)


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