Monday, November 27, 2006

Impossible Coin Balance Trick

First, take a twenty out of your pocket. (The higher value the bill, the better.) Then make a bet with your friend. Say something like, “I bet you I can balance your ten peso coin, when laid flat and parallel to the table, on the thin edge of my P100 If I can’t, you get my P100. But if I can, I get your ten peso coin.”
Obviously, this is a high-risk bet. Good thing the basic laws of physics are on your side.
So once you make the bet, (which you could also do with pretty much any other bill and coin combination) fold your bill in half both ways. Then bring the two opposite ends together, and place the coin on top of the intersection, as shown below.

Di pa tayo tapos. So take the two ends of the P100 bill, (if the bill is a V, I mean the two highest points) and slowly pull them away from eachother to straighten out the bill. As you do this, the coin will find its center of balance and will align itself accordingly. Once you get the bill straight, continue to gently pull the bill in opposite directions so the coin continues to balance.
I don’t know much about science, or as to exactly why this works, but with some practice, it does. Enjoy your free San Mig Light and the attention you get from performing this in public.


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