Monday, October 23, 2006

Cito Beltran's Martial Law programs

Martial law version 1.0 to 4.0

CTALK By Cito Beltran

Version 1.0 is the Ferdinand Marcos version where one uses legitimate causes for concern such as lawlessness in the countryside, imminent threat from an armed enemy of the state such as the Communist Party of the Philippines or the CPP.

Version 1.0 also seeks to redesign Philippine society in an attempt to dismantle oligarchies that control power plants, banks, media outlets and other fields that directly influence and control the economy and society.

Version 1.0 also seeks to further the political control of the administration in order to undertake the necessary redesign so that this country can be great again! It seeks to establish a monopoly of governance by promoting one
political party.

Version 1.0 is loosely based on the old Philippine Constitution WHEREBY; As provided by law, the President declares the declaration of Martial Law 2 days after he has rounded up his critics, imprisoned his political enemies, taken over media offices, the Meralco, PLDT, Pantranco, and Philippine Airlines or PAL.

Version 1.0 promises to lift the state of martial law immediately after all known threats to the security of the state have been neutralized, rebellions quelled, criticisms quashed, lucrative businesses taken over, oligarchs replaced, journalists and broadcasters have reinvented themselves to become farmers, teachers, poets,
philosophers and green card holders.
* * *
Version 2.0 is the improved version of 1.0 with the same principal author but with various refinements learned after 17 years and due largely to determined pressure from the United States whose business supporters are no longer pleased with losses in the once lucrative Martial Law state. The white boys were not too hot about
brown brothers wanting to take over their operations as well.

Version 2.0 declares the lifting of Martial Law, the restoration of civil liberties and tolerance for public demonstrations preferably in New York in the US and not Cubao. Said lifting of martial rule shall be put in effect in all major dailies
and media outlets. All other forms of control remain the same.

Version 2.0 allows the emergence of political activity so some form of intelligent life and contrary opinion may be heard in the halls of the Batasan. Travel bans are further lifted on family members of known critics and enemies of the state
if the purpose of travel is long term absence from the Philippines.

Protest marches shall be encouraged when said marches are part of a funeral procession wherein the dead person to be buried is a known government critic such as Ninoy Aquino etc.

Version 2.0 has a built in waiver whereby parties or individuals who may question the authenticity or truth that Martial Law has been lifted may turn to the recently "liberated" courts which have been given "free will" to determine such politically sensitive democratic questions.
* * *
Version 3.0 Martial Law in yellow packaging was a virus designed to track down any trace of life form relative to version 1.0, version 2.0, Ferdinand Marcos, his cronies, or anybody who does not like the color yellow or anything remotely related to version 1.0 and 2.0.

The yellow virus efficiently erased alternative fuel and power programs, eradicated the standard operating language of business known as English and replaced it with a contested "" dominant dialect.

The virus broke down security programs which ultimately caused the National security program to be severely infected. The virus also replaced the Operating System (OS) of Version 1.0 with their own Yellow 87 OS or constitution.

Version 3.0 however also had a VALUE save program whereby all valuable assets of the Marcoses and their cronies were saved by the Trojan known as PCGG. Trojan because after coming to save the value assets, the Trojan transferred the value assets to Version 3.0 operators. Operators of Version 1.0 are still looking for sports cars,
planes, yachts that remain lifted by the Trojan program.

In addition this version also restores certain assets to certain so-called oppressed oligarchs without need of paying refund for below market value payments made to them by operators of Version 1.0.

Version 3.0 was also designed to protect and preserve any and all changes, made by the yellow peril while they perilously attempted to design a government, run a government the same way they ran a hacienda.

Version 3.0 is a short term Martial Law format with a life span that lasts only until all potential threats and personalities have been recorded at the departure lounge of the Bureau of Immigration.

In terms of political structure, version 3.0 likewise removes all controls, logic, or purpose for creating political parties, the number of said parties, or use of such parties. The operating logic is: who needs a reason to have a party!

Version 4.0 is the mother of all Martial Law programs ever applied. With 4.0 no declaration is needed in order to access, install, or operate Martial Law 4.0.

Users simply kick out current operators of democracy programs.

With ML 4.0, users simply integrate all pirates, under one roof, install USER friendly judicial interpretation programs, couple it with off the
rack Legislative User friendly providers, secure it with X-MEN entities devoid of soul or social responsibilities.

With this design, all ML 4.0 operators stay perfectly legal even though somewhat immortal. No laws are broken since they make their own laws, interpret said laws, they even have their own Nationalized Law firm. And when all else fail it comes with the mother of all waivers: Just type in: Lapse of Judgment = RESET.

ML 4.0 however is a very expensive program to operate since it requires constant feed inputs such as general promotions to inappropriate positions.


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