Friday, October 27, 2006

Cheney Surfer Girl

Dick Cheney, US vice-president, admitted that they are using water torture on Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, the senior al-Qaeda operative now being held at Guantánamo Bay. He said that this is justified, using the all mighty we-are-Americans-we-are-supreme alibi "to save American lives." The American soldiers ahd perfected the water torture not only to punish but to kill Filipinos during the Philippine American War.
"[It's] a direct affront to the primary authors of the Military Commission Act in the Senate — John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John Warner — all of whom have publicly stated that the legislation signed by the president last week makes water boarding a war crime," said Jennifer Daskal, advocacy director at Human Rights Watch. "This is Cheney ignoring the consensus of his own Pentagon," she said.


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