Saturday, September 16, 2006


This is a message from BCPO:

Students are usually the victims of crime because communication is easy with the use of cellphone. There were already some incidents of a modus operandi using teenagers as bait. They will lure their victims, usually high school and college girls, through text then after getting the trust and confidence of their victims, the suspect will ask the victim to meet in a certain place. Afterwhich, two teenagers will meet them posing as cousins of their textmate. The suspect will call to the victim and tells her to pass on the phone to his cousin because he will tell something. Upon getting the phone, the suspects will talk to each other then the person posing as cousin will suddenly run with the cellphone in his possession.
They usually get the number of their victims in chat rooms, random texting or through passing the numbers from acquaintances or friends to be their textmates. Everyone is alerted on this type of modus operandi. Not all textmates have the intention of being friends. Young people nowadays are so engrossed with texting to meet people. We understand that this is the stage where they express their sexuality but we would like to caution them to be extra careful with people they do not know. Teenagers nowadays, especially those belonging to certain fraternities or groups, may not know that they are only being used to carry out these kinds of activities and when they get arrested, no one from their group might even help them. Sometimes they do it for fear for their lives without actually wanting to do the crime.
Parents are advised to check on the activities of their children to protect them from any form of danger. These youngsters may all be victims in this situation and it is better to correct it now than for them to suffer the consequences after the crime has been made. The people behind should be made accountable for deceiving and abusing the ignorance and innocence of these young people. Let us help make our children good citizens and let us guide them for a better future.


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