Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bungo for Whatever

Bobby Ortega aka Bungo is definitely running. He said so to me. But to what position, he doesn't know yet. He said that half of the barangay captains in Baguio already approached him to run. He said he still owes the city. I don't know his utang to us, people, but he will definitely scare a lot of people. He said that he has not done anything outside the law. But if made to choose between the law and justice, Bungo said he will choose justice. He said he never lost sleep over a person he presumably killed. When he was jefe de pulisya or as they say now at the BCPO, polizia, during the EDSA Revolution days, there were a lot of salvagings. Taloy Sur became notorious as the dumping ground. Some businesspeople even rallied for him but those were the Human Rights times. Here's some classic Bungo jokes as he told it on radio: Oy mga magnanakaw diyan. Wala akong masasabi sa inyo kasi trabaho nyo lang iyan. Pero parang awa niyo na, umalis na kayo sa Baguio. Leave Baguio in peace or else in three days, you will rest in peace. His new one is longer: There were two brothers terrorizing a barangay in Baguio. People were afraid to fight them because they killed and even raped those who do. One recent day (as I was amde to believe), the two brothers were gone. They asked Bungo. Bungo said, Well, I got them a job. In Iraq. He was not joking.


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