Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I remembered reading 20 years ago in The Manila Times Magazine about the bookplates of Filipino greats. Now we are in the minority. Maybe only 10 percent of the people in the Congress reads (and Teddyboy may just be the exception) so we rule. You are what you read and your bookplate is your destiny. Here's some from this wonderful link.
That of Rockefeller was made by Picasso.


Anonymous volume-addict said...

I can remember watching TV news from The Philippines a few months ago. I can't believe someone quoted "With great power comes great responsibility". I'm up for Spiderman and all but a soundbyte like that from a politician shows how much we need to read more to make better literary references than stuff written by Stan Lee.

No offense intended to the comic book-reading folk (hey, I'm one myself...just finished a Justice League graphic novel about these negative zone supervillains).

6:48 AM  

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