Thursday, August 31, 2006


I lost my 1G flash drive and I felt like my memory also. Had six books in there and countless photos. It seemed like I downloaded part of my brain into that white Made in China memory stick but now that I'm missing I can recall what is inside. All thsoe movies about memories (Memento, Eternal Sunshine, all those early Sharon Cuneta flicks) are about memory loss. Why can't we make a movie about memories that don't go away. That stick with you like barnacles? Forgetting is so long but once you forget, it's comforting. I wrote an essay ten eyars ago when i was still brilliant about William Gibson, Internet and Borges's Funes the Memorious tackling about the same thing. The curse of having a memory that won't forget will make you progeric. I have not opened my dozens of floppy discs. God knows what happened to those bigger and thinner discs. My notebooks I burn. Some of my better notebooks were stolen. And yet I still know what I wrote in some of them. That is why when I love a certain poem. I write them over and over. Yes, like those Baguio writers Butch Dalisay mentioned as having lovely handwriting, I, too, can have good penmanship if I wanted to. I wrote all those Neruda, Rilke, Frost and Williams in longhand and I can remember them well because I had such a great time putting them into paper. Keyboards are joyless.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

re: keyboards are joyless.

1. Because it is not with much thought that our fingers fly out of rote-memorized touch.

2. And so were,perhaps, those typing lessons with Mrs. Andrada?

..."what are the keys...."

Hey, Frank, why not come up with a compilation of your memories of being at UB Sci Hi? Sort of an offering for the alma mater's 40th?

9:15 PM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

Mrs. Andrada "Caronia'd" all those typewriter keys. It was so traumatic typing those qaz qaz qaz till you reach the end of the line. then pl, pl, pl, and so on. One time I was in an Internet cafe where the keys were erased maybe because of overuse and I found out I can not start. Typing Class all over again. Anyway, Typing 101 was done in the 7th floor of that UB Commerce Building which collapsed in the 1990 earthquake. It was cut down to four floors. So imagine that our Typing Class is now out there in the skies.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Out there in the skies. I wonder if UB salvaged those antique typewriters in the aftermath of the quake.
Like you typing class was a nightmare,particularly during the speed typing tests when the keys would get stuck in the holes of the ribbon! Huhu.
In a related vein, you must find your Sci Hi acquired steno writing very useful as journalist cum poet on the go. Hehe.

4:45 PM  
Blogger ESVEN OERTES said...

oh god. only has 128 Mb. but i have two of them. cheap.

5:46 PM  
Blogger frank cimatu said...

no. yes, I steno. I don't use tape recorders. you know wasting time transcribing quotes from stupid egoistic people. I am a fan of Truman Capote. I look at faces and try to "misquote" according to drama

1:12 PM  

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