Monday, July 24, 2006

Your Name

Coming out with a nice name in the Internet needs careful planning. Otherwise you would end up like that hapless Chinese or Taiwanese boy who ended up in Photoshop Hell. For example, you are a power generating company, so you have Taken. So you include your country: www.powergen + Italia = Ha ha ha. This was first said to be a hoax but there is indeed an Italian battery company which owns though you need an ID. Then there is a group of experts selling or exchanging their expertise in the net. experts + exchange = Instead of consultations, they get requests for sex change. so now they are known as They are still boring but they get fewer trans calls. The name that started it all is a PR group which wanted to answer the basic call for customers: Who Represents Us? So they came up with, of course, Nice hook. So now we have an Australian company selling sushi in a train. Then the unfortunate Pen Island Homesite. Hmmmm. Queer Eyes. They are selling pens. Even during the comedian Benny Hill's time, therapist/the rapist joke was already on. Imagine the pigheadedness of and even New South Wales has a Mole Station Native Nursery for frost hardy native shrubs, cut flower varieties and farm trees. In their website, they took out "native" and so, selling pedophiles and therapists. Joke! It is actually So they are back to being ho hums. Call 1-800-GoTahoe for a vacation to Lake Tahoe, one of the cleanest lakes in the world. Only, when your website is, you are back to being dirty but good. Ah! The speed of webdesign! The speed of art! but gets you the uncomfortable swimwear breakwind. Pastor William (Bill) Gothard ( should preach at the First Cumming Methodist Church (


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