Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Ballad of John and Yoko: Pepe's Version

Sometimes you get the most palatable (or unpalatable) details from somebody as you hack an innocent story. Take my interview with Pepe Smith about the Beatles Snob of Imelda 40 years ago. Forty years is forty years no matter how memorable it is (see stoy below). Sometimes you need to anchor it to something else to make it memorable. In my interview with Pepe, he was insisting that it happened in 1965. It was in 1966 but I saw no point in arguing.
Kasi it reminded me of something else, he said. What's that? Ganito yun, he replied. I was in Tokyo when the controversial album of John and Yoko came out. (This is the "Two Virgins" album) They were naked. The Queen (of England) later ordered it to be taken out. But in Tokyo, the order came late so we saw the cover. Confirmed. Supot si John.

Rewind, rewind. So the Beatles had the concert in Rizal Coliseum. Pepe even detailed out the concert venue. How big and how tall the stage. Etc. Etc.
Pepe belonged to the D'Downbeats. They were also with the D'Cavalcade Dancers, I learned later. They must be agogo dancers because the owner of the D'Downbeats owned El Mundo which is THE CLASSMATES/PEGASUS at that time when Roxas Blvd was still the center of the Manila Universe.
So after the concert, Pepe told me that the owner of El Mundo sent four girls to the Beatles. When they came back the next afternoon, Pepe and the other bandmembers teased the girls. So how were they? One of them said, Iyun ba yung sinasabi niyong John Lennon? E supot yun (complete wiht Bisaya accent).
Pepe said that he thought nothing of it until he was in Japan and saw that cover. Confirmed!! His exact word. So that's the bitch on the dear old late John Lennon.
And that's how Pepe was able to remember July 4, 1966.


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