Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pacquiao Unites the Country

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao has his eye on another prize when he unveils his new fighting song two weeks ago. Not the world super featherweight division but the Nobel Peace Prize.
"Laban Natin Ito," penned by Lito Camo of "Otso-otso" and "Ispageti Song" fame, has Pacquiao dedicating his boxing fight for the unity of the country.
Like his earlier blockbuster, Para Sa Iyo (Ang Laban Na Ito), Pacquiao's new song is a slow tearjerker to the Pinoy heart.
We had an exclusive take on the song before its official launch late this month.
"Paulit-ulit lumaban sa mundo/ At ito'y gagawin para sa iyo/ Kahit puwede kong ikasawi ito/ Itataya ko pa rin ang buhay ko (I fought around the world many times and would do it again for you. Even if I die for it, I will still bet my life)," the song starts.
"Bawat patak ng dugo ko/ para sa pagkaka-isa ng bayan ko," Pacquiao even sang almost at the end of the four-minute song.
"Mahal ko'ng bayan ko. Gayun din sana kayo. Tayo's magkaisa. Kaya natin ito (I love my country and so should you. We should unite and we can do it)," Pacquiao pleaded.
The chorus of the song is: "Laban ko, Laban n'yo. Laban natin ito. Laban ng buong Filipino (This is my fight and your fight. Fight of all Filipinos)"
Pacquiao recorded the song and seven others last month and early this month. The songs, all compositions of Camo, would be included in the new Extreme Magic Sing models of which Pacquiao is the new endorser.
"Laban Natin Ito" will be Pacquiao's signature song during his fight with Mexican challenger Oscar Larios in Manila on July 2; apparently to deny rumors that Pacquiao is not taking Larios, the former two-time super bantamweight champion, seriously.
"Kahit anong mangyari/ Basta sa bayan ko/ Hindi ako susuko/ Laban natin ito (Whatever happens, I will not surrender as long as I'm fighting for the country. This is our fight)," he sang.
This is, however, similar to Pacquiao's first song where he sang, "Kahit buhay ko'y itataya sa 'yo/ Ipagtatanggol kita gamit ay aking kamao (Even my life I will offer to you. I will defend you with my fists)."
Pacquiao does his boasting in the rap part of the song where he says that you can't hide from Pacman's uppercut and rapid blows.
Pacquiao also sang the new Extreme Music Magic theme song


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