Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Truman Show

In my lectures on biographical features, I always use Truman Capote's New Yorker sketch on Marlon Brando. How happy I am only now to learn that you can download it.
This profile is outstanding not only because of the style etc etc but Truman never took notes for the interview. Brando's reaction, of course, merits another blog entry. Ha ha ha.
Here's a quote from Truman about tape recorders. This does not forgive you journalistic slobs, however.
"My particular quality as a reporter is I never ask questions. If you do, it ruins the rapport with the person. I never take notes, I never use a tape recorder, I particularly interested or occupied by the thing, because if you seem to be, you totally ruin the rapport between you and the person. But if youre really tuned in, you know everything. You know? I never could have written "In Cold Blood" for instance, if I had used a tape recorder -- if I'd ever taken a note. Ever. If Id ever produce a pencil. Beause that was that with these particular people, those Kansas people, the single, landscaped, as it were..."
That was from Conversations.
Also, as an added bonus, Paris Review hs a copy of the Art of Fiction Interview with Truman in 1957.


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