Sunday, March 12, 2006

High in Irony

Returning to the state of national emergency. During the PMA Reunion (where a bomb was supposedly found the day before and yet the show must go on despite the presence of the officers and gentlemen there and despite the possibility that other bombs might have been planted), the guest of speaker is Karina Constantino-David. She used to be a frontliner of those demos that usually ended in water or sewage being sprayed on her or worse. Her father is the Renato Constantino and her brother is that Renato Jr. She used to be half of Inang Laya, the Peter and Paul of street parliamentarians then. Now she is the CSC Chair. Maybe in that capacity, she was asked to speak among the hundreds of PMA alumni.
"The challenge is not to seize power. The challenge is to create a strong and legitimate political system that makes military interest unnecessary and allow the military to become simply a professional corps," Karina said.
David's speech was applauded when he said that that military need more respect and understanding from from "former hardened activists" like her.
President Arroyo wasn't there but Luli was. Would PGMA allow her only daughter to attend if there really was a bomb there?
But let's go to the ironic part. A few days later, during EDSA Revolution's 20th Aniversary, PGMA with the prodding of the banana-eating Norberto Gonzales issued PD 1017.
Some activists decided to challenge that ill-advised directive and were arrested. The first to be detained (and would go down in history thanks again to NG) is Randy David, the husband of Karina.


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