Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Resign Calls from all over

What is Proclamation 1017 to us youth documentary filmmakers? It is a proof of panic now made crystal clear to the whole nation. Arroyo has something to fear. It is not terror ism because it is she who ordered the violent dispersal of peaceful assemblies and threatened to takeover media institutions that have existed to report facts. What Arroyo fears is the truth: that she has stolen the people's money and collaborated with high-ranking officials to win the election, that she misused her power to implement anti-people economic programs that is preventing our country from developing; and by suppressing the right to _expression, that she has abused power to stay in power.

From UP Roland Simbulan:
Ironically, as if trying to repeat Marcosian history, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's Proclamation 1017 suffocates democracy to ostensibly defend democracy against the alleged "Leftist" and "Rightist" threat. Peaceful assemblies, rallies and freedom of _expression are being mute d; newspapers are being threatened with closure should they cover the activities and views of the opposition.
This great university of the Filipino people has survived Martial Law and many challenges and threats to its academic freedom of _expression and freedom of assembly -- the very foundation of its relentless search for truth and new knowledge.

From UP Unseat:
We, the U.P. Community, declare our defiance to Proclamation 1017. A philosopher once said that “the history of the oppressed tells us that the state of emergency is not the exemption but the rule”. We therefore proclaim this University to be a STATE-OF-EMERGENCY-FREE-ZONE where militant struggle is not an exception but the rule.

From the Visayas media:
Sin profecia el pueblo sera disipado. (Pro 29:18 RV09)
Without a vision, the people perish. (Pro 29:18 KJV)

From NUJP:
With 10 journalists murdered in 2005, the Philippines is second only to Iraq as the world’s most dangerous country to practice the profession. To say this government does not inspire confidence in the realm of interpreting “responsible exercise” of press freedom would be an understatement.
Philippine media is not infallible. Journalists in the country have had to struggle with a dearth in opportunities for skills improvement, not to mention harsh and unjust work conditions. There have been many instances of irresponsible, unethical practice of the profession.
These, however, are not sufficient grounds to tamper with a basic democratic right. There are enough laws to ensure a system of redress for those who see themselves wronged by an irresponsible press. Journalists who use their profession to commit crimes are not exempt from the country’s laws.

From all of us:
I am not a streppers. My brother. Is not. A pig (see below)

From Zhazha Zaturnah:


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