Thursday, February 23, 2006

EDSA and Nostradamus

Did Nostradamus predict EDSA?
Here's the complete annotation on Century X-22

Por ne vouloir consentir a divorce
Qui puis apres sera cogneu indigne,
Le Roi des Isles sera chasse par force
Mis a son lieu que de roi n'aura signe

For not wanting to consent to the divorce, which then afterwards will be recognized as unworthy, the King of the Islands will be forced to flee, and one put in his place who has no sign of kingship

W. This refers to when Marcos was ousted from the Philippines. The one put in his palce who has no sign of kingship was, of course, a woman. The first part of that quatrain means that he didn't want to give up what he had going for him - because power corrupts, and he was in control of quite a bit of money

D: That's what it means by "not wanting to consent to the divorce."

W: Yes, not wanting to give up everything he had

D: which then afterwards will be recognized as unworthy

W: Of course, because he got what he had through corruption and control

D: The King of the Islands will be forced to flee

W: Which he was

D: And one put in his place who has no sign of kingship

W: Because a woman can't be a king, and she would not even normally be considered as a leader. This is the way Nostradamus thinks.

D: In the book I'm reading from, they say this quatrain refers to king Edward VII of England when he married the divorced woman and gave up his throne

W: It could refer to that. But the first impression I got was about the leader of the Philippines.

D: Does he think that the present woman leader of the Philippines will remain in power?

W: There will be trouble, but yes, she will remain in power for a time

D: Will Marcos cause her power?

W: (This was translated before his death) No. There's always a revolution. It will be caused by the people who live in the Philippines. They will rebel against the government.

D: Then he's showing you that the people will revolt against Aquino?

W: She has support form outside the Philippines. As long as that support continues, she will be in control.


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