Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Obligatory Pacquiao Blog

Watched the fight live at the Vigan Trade and Cultural Center. it was tense before the game with some texters saying they saw a news runner on CNN and that it wasn't even close: Pacquiao lost. Had to look at the Internet and google thrice just so to be sure that there was no such news. Went back in time for the main event. Who is Josephine Bautista? She was fine in singing the Lupang Hinirang until the last note. Then it was Jon Secada's turn. When I saw him, I said, it'a all over. This guy admitted to having a small dick and although I admire his courage, I just knew there is no cojones there. Sorry Mejicanos! Wrong guy to represent the machos.
National Anthem Singing: Pacquiao 1, Morales 0
God. Pacquiao. He prayed more fervently and dramatically. And when he entered, the rap made by Apl de Ap of Black Eyed Peas followed him. He was a little less brash when he came up.
Name: Morales. AP misspelled Pacquiao to Pacquaio two times in one story.
First Round: Morales. Only because he seemed to be playing his game. It was slow.
Second Round: Pacquiao. He hurt him there. Had to take a leak because of all the free iced teas I had been drinking. I was slow for the third round that is why I gave it to Morales because he is a good counterrounder, I heard.
Fourth Round. Pacquiao. Just because I changed seat beside a nice girl named Layla.
Fifth Round. Morales. To make it close. Didn't you know judges had to give the close rounds to whoever is losing just to make it close?
Sixth Round. Face value. Pacquiao.
Seventh Round. From thereon, it's all Pacquiao. This is the more mature Pacquiao, the Pacquiao whom the Filipinos knew is in there because we forgave him for his basagulero days, his bad karaoke days and his bad English. He gave us surprise punches. That shows creativity. He also gave Morales the "gimme" when he was staggered. This shows strenght in diversity. He didn't close in when he staggered Morales because it shows respect. He didn't hit his opponent below the belt to show that he has High Morales. Bad joke.
That seventh round is perfection. I have a feeling that if Pacquiao was more articulate he could have said that time slowed for him in that three minutes of sheer boxing flair.
The rest is pudding. Next fight.


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