Thursday, November 17, 2005

SM Baguio vs Baguio Walker's Club

Session Road is a walker’s paradise. Try this exercise. Stay in a coffee shop anywhere in Session and try to visually tag two to three people walking on a Saturday. If you are observant, two of the three will pass by you again even before you had a coffee refill.
The result was valid maybe three years ago, you say, when SM Baguio was still not around.
Well, you better think again. The way SM Baguio is treating its shoppers, those who walk, they will have another think coming.
I just came from Manila and went to SM Baguio to buy books. I only went to SM here to buy books and probably meet some people in the cafes or restaurants. Otherwise, I see no point in staying there.
I was walking to cross when a security guard motioned me to go further 10 meters right to cross. I said, What the heck? Why do we have to walk an extra 20 meters when we could just cross diretso?
Management orders daw.
If you happen to walk to SM all the time (because you work along Session Rd), you knew that the security guards would make you stop in your tracks to let all the cars pass by before you can cross. I’ve fought the guards about that and knew some friends who fought the guards about that discrimination and nothing has been done. Why can’t they let the cars wait. There’s no queue for cars anyway to disrupt the traffic below but its all management orders.
Well, the main road being used by SM is a city road or even a national road, why is it being used exclusively by SM shoppers?
And the sidewalk given to shoppers is so narrow that it has become a pickpocket paradise. And there are no security guards who would dare help you. I’ve witnessed many victims coming to the security guards for help and the guards would just radio in and that’s that. Back to making the roads safe for motorists.
And at night the stairway at the foot of Luneta Hill is not even lit. How much would it take the management to put up a post there?
Maybe the management think that these people just walk around and not pay anyway? They don’t know that the motorists only take advantage of the P20 parking fee so they can leave their cars there for the rest of the day and go back to walking to Session Road.
I never saw SM Baguio as a crowning achievement of Baguio’s development. It’s just a sad phase of city’s quest to transform itself into a huge concrete tomb. .


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