Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Power of Inter (coco) Net

I received a forwarded email three months ago. I used to be the black hole of all these chain emails. Even if you threaten me bad things if I don’t forward this to five of my emails, the letter goes straight to trash. I even threaten some of my friends (Bob, Nonet and Carol are the most notorious) that if they don’t stop giving me all these chain mails, I will cut them off from my will. So three months ago, I got this chain email about coconet and the BBC Challenge. For some reason, I read the whole thing and clicked at the hyperlinks. Buti na lang because the email proved to be a good material for a story so I wrote it. Unfortunately, INQUIRER forgot to put my name so the story looked like another email.
I also forwarded it to some of my egroups. Weeks later, I would receive the coconet chain emails and one of the email was my story. Last Monday, INQUIRER came out with a story that the coconet, one of the 12 finalists, was chosen. There is no doubt that emails (browse and click) from Filipinos here and abroad had a major impact on the decision. Congrats at balato naman to the $20,000.
This is one thing we Pinoys should be proud of. How many beauty contestants have we made Miss Photogenic because of texting. Pinoys in Hawaii brought Jasmine Trias in the Top 3 in the American Idol.
We used to be reminded that if all Chinese in China would jump at the same time, the resulting earthquake would have destroyed the world. If all the Pinoys text at the same time, look what happens. Aside from making Smart, Globe and Sun rich, we are making a difference.

Before the earthquake


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