Thursday, November 24, 2005

I, a Rovo

I received text messages telling me that “Funny, but d misspelled name of GMA in d new P100 bill as “ARROVO” in Spanish means thief or robber. “A rovo de la cuadrilla.”
Manila Times wrote: “Rep. Rolex Suplico of Iloilo said rovo, which sounds like robo in Spanish, means “robbery.”
“This comes from [the verb] robar, which means to ‘rob someone.’ In [a criminal law textbook], the term a rovo de la cuadrilla means ‘robbery in band,” Suplico said.
“I hope this isn’t deliberate. It’s a shame that the surname of this country’s President was not misspelled by a printing company based in Europe,” Suplico said.”
The Spanish I know should be “robo en cuadrilla” or sometimes “robo realizado en cuadrilla” or “robo en cuadrilla con lesions.”
If that is the intention, then that’s a successful joke, similar to the “google hackers.”
This reminds me of a daily in Baguio. It was in 1996 when the Publisher called all his reporters and asked them who replaced “the publisher” to the “the punisher” in the masthead of the past issues. I think it ran for a week before somebody brought it to his attention. No one owned up to the crime. I was waiting for a friend outside when the meeting transpired.
We were laughing so hard outside. I think I knew who did it but I will keep my mouth shut because it was just damn funny after all these years.


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