Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blind Lemons

The very famous "Orange and Lemons" are coming to Baguio on November 26 for a concert. Dig the name of their concert, Rock Against Piracy. That got me laughing. "Orange and Lemons"? Anti-piracy?
You all know the "OrAL" and their "Pinoy Big Brother Theme." You probably heard it once every hour for the past two months.
One of my good friends even had it for a ring tone. The first time I heard it, it just brought me to the 1980s and my journalistic suspicion was right. It was the New Age era. They copied riff by riff that song "Chandeliers" by "The Care."
So "OrAL" is anti-piracy. Hmmm. Is that like saying they are "anti-plagiarism" also?
My other beef with the song is that, it concurs with the "Pinoy Rule on Bad Songwriting" which is "When at a loss for words, go for the patriotic."
"Ibang-iba ang Pinoy." So why are you copying, you morons!
I don't watch Pinoy Big Brother but they literally come to me. It's weird but I was in the same elevator in two occasions with two of those who were yanked out. One time it was a girl and one of the hotel employees asked her about adjusting back to the outside life.
"At least nakakakita na ako ng tao," she said, which raised my eyebrows because I don't know her.
When I was informed later, the remark made a lot of sense. The second time it was boy in yellow T-shirt. We were alone in the elevator and when we got off, he had small talk with a hotel clerk.
This was the guy who was yanked out because he stayed in the toilet longer than expected. My God! If there are cameras everywhere you go 7/24 then the toilet is the best place to regain your sanity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Cimatu,

I know it’s probably rude to email you since you
hardly know me; the name that came with this email
introduces me and I sent you text messages a couple of
weeks back. i know this one should be on the postings
and comments part of your blog site but I guess it
would’ve taken a lot of space and i don’t really have
anything to say about a particular article except that
i find almost all of them amazing. I really admire
your work. (i hope you don’t mind that i copy them and
read in the confines of my room, good writing makes me
emotional sometimes, physically unstable, like I feel
out of breath and ready to crawl under my bed. . .
can’t really explain.) It has that effect on me, like
when I read Harriet Frank or Coelho (he’s touchy
though, Coelho).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading (and ogling)
more of your articles, and just because there aren’t
any comments doesn’t mean nobody reads em. The
blogsite is really a good idea, and i feel grateful
that you share. And my copies are really

One of the OrAL guys is like tying to be like John
Lennon, with the hair cut and the glasses and all, but
not in a good way, talk about piracy.

i'm kind of wondering when you're going to post the
article on GMA that u mentioned was published in Flip.
by the way, u have a heck of a timing with the garci

truly yours,

3:49 PM  

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