Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tiger Joke from Burma

Tigers years ago in Burma can talk and understand human language. One tiger was so fierce and wise because probably he can speak several Burmese languages so he was able to thwart any traps and weapons of the human and he killed so many of them. One day, while atop a tree, he heard two men below talking about him. "I will kill him with my penis gun," one of them said. So the tiger got into thinking and one day, sprung in front of a woman on his way to the village. "Don't kill me," the woman said. "I won't but tell me one thing, what is a penis gun."
"Ah, a penis gun. The most frightening weapon there is," she said.
The woman raised her skirt and showed her, um, yoni. "This was hit by a penis gun 40 years ago when I was 16. Look, the wound has never healed."
So the tiger was frightened and left the forest near the village.


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