Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Word for the Day: Pacquiao

pacquiao (pakh-yaw)

verb: For a group, particularly a nation, to pin hopes for unity (from the media), for economic recovery, for worldwide recognition, for political gains on one single athletic hero

pacquiaoed: to be hit by a knockout punch after realizing that the said athletic hero is not the be-all or cure-all the group expected

Examples: Thailand was just preparing to pacquiao on Tanusagarn when she was handily beaten by Venus in the quarterfinals.
A group of Pangasinan media is pacquiaoing on a young boy's chess talent by soliciting from their usual sources so he can play in national events.

Via General Santos from Manny Pacquiao, said to be the most commercially successful Filipino boxer. Bad karaoke singer. Worst kisser. Regular customer of Tim Yap's Embassy.


Blogger The Nashman said...

hmmm, must ask my friends at the OED what letter they are at now....this must be included

12:53 AM  

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