Sunday, July 06, 2008


Had an uneventful time with a hairdresser yesterday because he was so busy:

1) Watching TV and commenting
2) Minding a matrona who was having a perm
3) Texting and commenting about a boyfriend who can't afford a load
4) Recommending a nice color for nails

He didn't regale me with his childhood days in Eastern Samar and Nora A. But that was enough socialization because while my hair was being cut, I was:
1) Texting people about this Muslim vendor selling shawls but holding a sign: SALE* SOUL
2) Reading Chalk Magazine for the first and last time
3) Reading the new thing about Juday only to learn that the magazine was 2 years old

But then imagine how a haircut would be years from now. Fascinating but dull. But then as Andy Z said, by that time I'm lucky to have hair


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