Friday, February 15, 2008

Women Who Drink

In my drinking years, my first comrades in bottles were Etot, Nonnette, Dawn and Carol. They have IQs so high they need to take off 10,000 of their brain cells every night by drinking. Yes, they drink a lot and I was their student. We drank at the now-defunct Chicken House.
Except probably for GROs who drink beer with napkins on the neck and faux-Margarita (Sprite and sugar instead of salt on the rim of the glass), Nash citing studies now say that women who drink are indeed smarter. Why they drink is another study but it's a nice thought. Cheers!
But New York Times also delved on another YouTube phenomenon: Why are drunk videos so compelling?
Maybe that's the only time that smart people turn stupid except for Hassel the Hoff.


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