Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not Spending Valentines Is Not Really That Bad

Times UK tries to assuage you lonely souls. They gave 20 reasons to hate V-Day, here's for the boys:
It makes you hate your fellow man. You can guarantee all the decent restaurants will be booked up by smug wankers, leaving the rest of us paying double for horrible food in a restaurant we hate. 12 It makes men do stupid things, like light candles and stuff. 13 It gets men into trouble when they don’t do stupid things like light candles and stuff. Because, actually, she really wanted you to, but prompting is so unromantic, isn’t it? 14 It’s such a rip-off. With flowers, dinner and cabs, you’re looking at a hundred quid minimum. Wouldn’t she just prefer the cash instead? 15 In new relationships, whether or not you take her out or buy her a gift speaks volumes about “where you’re at”, way before you’re ready for the “are we having a relationship?” chat. (Like you were ever ready for it anyway.) 16 Not only do you have to buy the right size, style and colour of underwear, you also have to look as if you’re not ogling the breasts of the Agent Provocateur sales girls while you’re at it. 17 Valentine’s Day focuses her mind, and because this year there is a February 29 on the calendar, for the following two weeks you feel as sick as a dog every time there’s a lull in the conversation. 18 Isn’t one compulsory annual shopping event enough? Christmas is just about excusable, as it’s okay to drink Baileys at 11am without anyone questioning your sexuality. No such luck on the 14th. 19 Where are the man presents? What do we get out of it? 20 There is nothing more disappointing than a woman you’d previously earmarked as wife material not even laughing at the sheep card.


Anonymous volume-addict said...

I've also recently heard that this time of year is also called Singles Awareness Day.

1:22 AM  

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