Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kosovo's Flag

Remember when you were young and you were tasked to make the flag of Saudi Arabia? Man, that was hard work. That was before the Age of Jet Printers. You were so happy when you get Libya because that meant only buying a green paper and that's all. How about Indonesia? That's half red and half white. Sew them together and you have enough left for Poland! Then there's Japan! Simple life. Until all these countries started cropping up. There's Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and Antartica. The last one is just a map. Yes, white because it's ice and blue for water. It's a map flag. But with global warming, does that mean the white kept on getting smaller. And man, we now have Kosovo created this February 17. I can't imagine they had a contest which drew 1,000 entries and they picked another map flag. How literal! How sad!


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