Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jagat Guru Dev

This is from Ed Cabagnot, the day that NASA broadcasted "Across The Universe" by the Beatles featuring the mantra, Jagat guru dev:
this morning i received a text message from one of my bangkok friends that a man i consider to be my greatest teacher has moved on.

in the early 70s, after flirting with many systems of yoga and other paths, i settled into the least "oriental" and "mystical" of practices - tm.

i also had the honor of getting my instuctions from a dear, dear friend (and former "partner in hippie crime", ms. connie o. among the folks from that era that i am in consistently in touch with are tm teachers, siddhas, meditators - juju b., poli and jo castillo, bing tan, jong lee, to name a few.

in 1984 i started my tm siddhis. and my life, as you know it, really took an upward spin. not through any personal genius or demonic effort... all simply through the gentle, all-enveloping support of Nature.

maharishi's passing away has opened up a HUGE hole in my heart. and i intend, as any good meditator, to dive into this hole, soak in silence, and just be... "not minding anything," as my flying teacher, prof. krofts usually says.

for all my former sineklab and freefest participants, and for all those who had a taste of ccp's film outreach tours (the lakbay sine, the "paano ba talaga manood ng pelikula?"... for all who have ever read my plays or writings... for all whom i have met along the way... keep maharishi in mind and heart... siya ay guro ng inyong guro!

because everything i have tried to share with and impart to you could not have been possible without the energy and passion that are the by-products of my tm-practice. all i had, all i have and will have comes from the well-spring of the teachings and peace i have found in my meditation and flying.

this was maharishi's great gift to me... and the world.

as four of his former students sang: "love love love... all you need is love love... love is all you need..."

JAI GURU DEV! mabuhay ka, aking mahal ng guro!


Blogger The Nashman said...

what? he just died?

he didn't levitate into heaven?

6:37 PM  

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