Sunday, January 06, 2008

"Three Kings" Ends Christmas Season

This is the banner headline of Manila Bulletin for Sunday. I have a feeling they spent more time arguing over putting the "s" and "apostraphe" for the head rather than thinking of other news as headline. For them, it is a done deal. Good for them. By putting the " between "Three Kings" made it understood that it is now the "event" and not the "kings" that is the subject. The kicker (or back kicker because it is below the headline) announces that it is the "Feast of Epiphany" and not the three kings. So there. Pity the Philippine Daily Inquirer which had to grapple between their banner "De Castro is best bet of administration" and "Administration Throws in the Towel." I mean, Noli? I'm sure he is there in Quiapo in the Jesus of Black Nazarene today and the next headline would be: Noli carries the cross. Aynaku. Everyone in the business knows Noli would make the William Hurt character in "Broadcast News" look like a pawn. The last election where he was pitted with Loren Legarda brought all the dirt on him and the people knew all about the tsismis. If this is Arroyo's way of saying, "Hey, you think I'm bad. How about him?" then she has succeeded. Meanwhile, Philippine Star showed that they hardly matter to readers on Sunday with their banner about a militant bishop taking over the social arm of CBCP. Hello? That's where the militants were usually appointed. The only good thing is that it was accompanied by a photo of golfmate and former loverboy Andy Zapata.

Erratum: Hindi daw loverboy, boy lover, sabi Harley. Hey, that was the late great Jerry Garcia.

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